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InStove 60 and 100 Liter Institutional Rocket Stoves
60 and 100 Liter InStoves.

What is an InStove?

InStove manufactures clean-burning, ultra high-efficiency institutional rocket stoves that have been serving children and families in clinics, refugee camps, and schools around the world for years. Now, the 60L and 100L InStoves, medical autoclave, and a 41.5 quart pressure cooker are available in the United States and Canada!

All proceeds directly support InStove's mission to relieve suffering, improve health, and reduce harm to the environment worldwide.


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Stove Details

InStove stove at Opportunity Village homeless community in Eugene OregonInStove used in an Oregon homeless community.


  • Emergency preparedness
  • Community and church events
  • Homeless shelters
  • Wilderness and Summer camps
  • Off-the-grid living
  • Canning, crab cooking, home brewing, etc.
  • Can be adapted to power space heaters or hydronic systems
Cutaway CAD view of InStove rocket stove model
Cutaway view of the "rocket stove" internals.

Performance Advantages

  • Just as fast¹ and efficient² as the best propane stoves
  • Comparable carbon dioxide emissions to propane cooking¹
  • Unaffected by windy conditions
  • Uses inexpensive or free fuel. Can operate on almost any plant or biomass material, even damp wood, in a pinch
  • High capacity. A 60L (15 gallon) stove cooks 100+ full meals per pot; a 100L (25 gallon) stove cooks 180+
  • Safe to touch with an enclosed flame and spark-free operation, making it perfect for use around children and pets. Even the chimney does not get hot enough to cause burns
  • Uses 75%-90% less firewood for cooking than an open camp fire
  • Produces no visible smoke
  • Works with steamer baskets, woks, skillets, fry baskets, etc. for versatile cooking options. A 41.5 quart pressure cooker/canner is also available
InStove rocket stove being used for campingBring you InStove along with you for camping, hunting, and other wilderness applications.

Additional advantages

  • Portable with attached folding handles and removable chimney; a 60 Liter stove weighs only 84 lbs.
  • Made in the USA with American steel and hardware
  • One year warranty
  • High-temperature stainless steel and nickel alloy interior lasts many times longer than the low carbon steel used in other wood cooking/heating stoves
  • Expected lifespan of 10+ years thanks to easily replaceable combustion chamber
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Can be used indoors with additional chimney pieces (uses standard single wall 6in. ducting)
  • Empowers users to take control of their carbon footprint and make a true global difference


Prices and Shipping


Humanitarian* Retail
60 Liter InStove $850 $850
100 Liter InStove $995 $995

*Please contact us directly for humanitarian orders, bulk orders, and all shipments outside the US and Canada. Discounts may be available.



For shipping rate and delivery time information:

  • See our shipping zone map for retail orders within the contiguous United States.
  • Retail shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are provided at the time of purchase, or contact us for current rates.
  • Please call or email us for humanitarian, bulk, and international shipping information.


How to Make a Purchase

Contact us by phone or email to make a purchase, or click here to order online (for retail purchases within the US and Canada, only).


¹ Comparative cooking times and CO2 emissions derived from the Aprovecho Research Center "Test Results of Cook Stove Performance."

² Our stoves exceed the 42% thermal efficiency listed for high efficiency LPG stoves by the AEGPL (we recognize that the efficiency of larger commercial LPG burners is higher, typically closer to 50%).