InStove's Alternate Briquette Fuel Method

The Problem

Most displaced people live in regions facing environmental challenges - catastrophic droughts, desertification, major earthquakes and deforestation - where wood and other low-tech cooking fuels are scarce.


Our Solution: The InStove Biomass Briquette Press

To address this issue and support sustainability, we are committed to the use of biomass briquettes as a viable alternative fuel source to power our stoves.

These briquettes are a processed fuel that can be burned as an alternative to wood or charcoal in cooking stoves. Gram for gram, biomass briquettes are equivalent to wood. Readily available raw materials such as crop wastes, dung, waste paper, and selected garbage can be used to produce stick shaped briquettes. As a result, use of wood and concurrent deforestation can be virtually eliminated. In addition, the positive impact on the lives of women is significant; using briquettes reduces the time women must spend collecting wood, an activity which often puts their personal safety at risk.

InStove is developing a hand-operated "low pressure" briquette fabricator to be used in conjunction with the stove. Pictured above is a prototype design.