InStove received the following message from Pastor Jephthe Lucien from Pignon during the storm that became hurricane Sandy. His letter encapsulates the need for our technology in Haiti, and our reason for putting effort into getting it there:

"The last couple of days have been crucial. It has been raining so hard. I have an orphanage of 50 girls plus another 10 helpers eat at the same compound. The cooks told me that they finally realized that this (stove) is it. The only reason why they could eat is because of the stove. They say if they could just have two more, so they can cook three different things at once, this would be it. Mme. Junior says, ‘Past (short for pastor), believe me, this is all that we need. We just need a couple more. Where did you find that? How could they make it?’ I just hope that you could hear her praising the stove. I am more than excited to be part of efforts to get it in the hands of Haitians."

On November 30, 2012, InStove Haiti Projects Coordinator Dennis Hartley returned from a two-week trip to Haiti. While there, he traveled to the northern region of Pignon as well as the southern region of Les Cayes. In Port-au-Prince, he met with officials of organizations involved in clean stove initiatives, including the UN World Food Programme and the USAID-backed Improved Cooking Technology Program (ICTP).

Gabriel Thelus and Dennis at La Coste school, Pignon presentation to cooks

Our mission was twofold: first, to visit locations already using our stoves to conduct obtain feedback from cooks and administrators; second, to expand our network of supporters in order to bring more stoves to Haiti with the end goal of opening a Stove Factory-In-A-Box with partners there.

In Pignon, we are partnering with two Christian humanitarian organizations: the Goy Foundation and Brighthope International. Both sponsor local schools and are involved in improving the lives of Haitians and creating sustainable enterprises.

In the region of Les Cayes, we were hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, which arranged visits to many schools in the area. Our Haitian associate in Les Cayes, Carlot Delicat, attended our Stove Camp a year ago and received training in stove science and learned to assemble our stove in our factory.

InStove continues to support the many efforts of US organizations bringing our clean cooking technology to schools and orphanages in Haiti. At the same time, we are moving closer to our goal of establishing production in-country. With a substantial gift from an anonymous donor, we are moving ahead in Haiti!

Senator De la Cruz tours InStove's Cottage Grove factory

In September of 2013, Senator Francisco De la Cruz of the Central Plateau district of Haiti visited InStove. As a physician and public health expert, Senator De La Cruz is keenly interested in our water pasteurizer, and also in bringing autoclaves, efficient stoves and sustainable manufacturing jobs to Haiti. He is the founder of COSADH, an NGO focused on public health and development. With his collaboration, we are in the early stages of developing a pilot project to prove the viability of our programs and technologies in Haiti. Together, we plan to install a 60 Liter Stove and autoclave in a hospital, another 60 Liter Stove in a school, and a water pasteurizer with COSADH.




In December, InStove representatives will travel to Haiti to meet with COSADH officials and take the next steps: conducting demonstrations and installing a water pasteurizer. This trip may also provide an opportunity to scout locations for a future Stove-Factory-In-A-Box.