Medical Equipment Sterilization

Medical grade autoclave manufactured by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. (WAFCO)

The lack of a safe, reliable, and cost effective means to sterilize medical instruments and dressings contributes significantly to the spread of disease and infection in medical facilities throughout the developing world.  We have paired our 60 Liter Stove with a medical grade autoclave manufactured by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. (WAFCO).  

These two proven technologies provide reliable and effective sterilization capacity for hospitals and clinics-both as backup systems for urban centers for use during power outages, and primary systems for rural clinics without electrically powered autoclaves. 

From a cold start, the ensemble completes a full sterilization cycle in less than an hour and requires less than 900 grams wood fuel.  The autoclave ensemble is easy-to-use and training for technicians is minimal.  Field trials are now underway at hospitals in Kenya.  

In a related development, we are arranging field trials for use of the WAFCO autoclave ensemble to process medical waste – a huge disposal problem and disease vector in the developing world.  Many medical facilities currently burn medical waste, which releases dangerous toxins into the air, or bury waste in landfills that may seep into water sources.  Our system will allow the safe disposal of medical waste while reducing air pollution and water contamination.

This autoclave, coupled with our 60 Liter Stove, is now available for sale in the US and Canada. All proceeds directly support our humanitarian mission.