Shea Butter Cooperative Gets New InStove

Ojoba2Women from the Ojoba collective receive their new 100 Liter Stove.

In 2003, Tracy and Johan Wulfers traveled to Ghana, West Africa. Their goal: find ways to leverage their business expertise to alleviate extreme poverty through fair trade and meaningful business opportunity for disadvantaged rural women. Twelve years later, they employ 417 women from the Fra Fra tribe, all aged 18 to 72—many of them mothers and widows and their operation, the Ojoba Collective, produces (among other products for export) Shea butter which is primarily used by major European cosmetic companies.

Their collective works with traditional farmers from the southern edge of the Sahara Desert where climate change, deforestation, and erosion are direct threats to livelihoods. But, thanks to their continued commitment to protecting the environment and the health of their workers, the collective now has a new 100 Liter InStove.

“The stove looked and proved to be useful in a large-scale commercial enterprise to help reduce scarce and expensive firewood in our production process,” said Johan Wulfers. “It is also a ‘clean and green technology’ that allows for less smoke (and inhalation of smoke) in our shea butter production process.”

According to Johan, the stove was met with much enthusiasm when it arrived. The women are now hoping to be able to bring 4 more stoves over the next year to completely eliminate the use of open fires for shea butter processing.

Installing stove
The stove was met with much enthusiasm by the women of the collective.

The couple learned about InStove through a web search, and with the help of donors, was able to bring a stove to Ghana.

If you would like to help the women of Ojoba protect their health, reduce their environmental impact, and improve their efficiency and quality of life, consider making a donation by clicking the link below and choosing, “Support stove for the Ojoba Collective.”


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