FireVolt Electric Generator

(Currently Under Development by FireVolt Systems)

FireVolt electrical generator prototype in a 60 Liter InStove.<

FireVolt electrical generator prototype in a 60 Liter InStove.


What is the FireVolt?

The FireVolt Electric Generator is being developed by FireVolt Systems (an independent company) as a dedicated, drop-in unit for our 60 and 100 Liter stoves. It will use water-cooled thermoelectric technology to output both electricity and hot water, serving as an all-weather, 24-hour alternative (or supplement) to solar panels – and as a device which also happens to be able to heat your home.


How can I get one?

The generator is now available for sale in limited quantities. Please contact FireVolt at for more information


Do you have any more details?

There will be multiple models with a range of electrical outputs. The top-of-the-line version will generate a maximum 500 Watts of electricity. However, the system is scalable, meaning that a lower-output array (as small as 35 watts or a $900 investment) can be incrementally upgraded to the max-output, over time.

InStove and FireVolt are both working on gravity-fed fuel systems to allow for less frequent fire tending. These are scheduled to be ready around the same time as the generator and will allow enough sticks or wood pellets to be loaded for several hours of burn time - with no user interference.


How much will it cost?

Due to the modular nature of the design, The FireVolt can be deployed at low initial cost and progressively added-upon as needs or resources increase. A 35 Watt entry-level system will cost around $900 (stove not included), and the 500 Watt model will come in at around $8000.

Note that the most expensive part of the system – the thermoelectric hardware itself – has a 200,000 hour service life, which is equivalent to almost 70 years of daily operation at 8 hours per day.


Please contact FireVolt at with specific questions or for updates regarding the generator.