60 and 100 Liter Institutional Cookstoves


Our centerpiece technologies are highly efficient, multi-application, institutional rocket stoves. InStoves simultaneously help protect human health, prevent deforestation and pollution, and can boost economies with local production. They can also quickly and efficiently provide safe drinking water and medical sterilization with our drop-in pasteurization and autoclave systems.

In comparison to the inefficient - and often dangerous - traditional cooking methods they improve upon, InStoves are:

60 and 100 Liter InStove Rocket Stoves
60 and 100 Liter InStoves

High Performance

  • 75 to 90 percent fuel savings. Two or three kilograms of fuel is enough to cook a full pot of food.
  • 90%-plus reduction in harmful emissions, including carbon monoxide and black carbon. InStoves produce no visible smoke.
  • Twice as fast as cooking on an open fire – comparable to LPG.
  • 50% thermal efficiency, a 2 to 5 times improvement over traditional methods.


  • Zero Indoor Air Pollution, thanks to an integrated chimney that can route all emissions outside and away from people.
  • Safe to the touch. Efficient, insulated design ensures safe surface temperatures to prevent burns.
  • Stable. Practically tip-proof to reduce the chance of spills and scalds.


  • Fuel flexibility. Efficient operation with a variety of biomass fuels in addition to wood, including our sustainable biomass briquettes.
  • Durable. InStoves are expected to last 10 years with replaceable parts, and all stoves come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Cost-effective. Our cookstoves can pay for themselves many times over in fuel savings, alone.
  • Portable. No permanent installation is required, making InStoves easy to transport and relocate.
  • Local manufacturing can be set up anywhere in the world with our Factory-in-a-Box production method.


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InStove rocket stove gas flow diagram

How it Works: Rocket Stove Technology

At the heart of these stoves is an advanced, insulated metal combustion chamber built from high-temperature 310 stainless steel and 601 nickel alloys. The “rocket stove” design concentrates heat and mixes combustion gasses to create operating temperatures in excess of 1100 degrees Celsius, which allows the stoves to literally “burn up the smoke.” This produces a fire that is cleaner and more efficient than is possible otherwise. In fact, we believe testing shows our institutional stoves to be unparalleled in performance.

Official, third party test results are available here.


For Some Perspective

In a single year, a 100 Liter InStove can save the equivalent of:

  • 146 tons of atmospheric carbon - or the carbon footprint of 8 average Americans.
  • 97 tons of firewood - equivalent to 1.9 acres of clear cut forest.
  • 362 Megawatt hours of energy - as much as is contained in 213 barrels of crude oil.


Click here for more information about the impact InStoves are making on our planet.


Allied Technologies

We’ve coupled our high-efficiency stoves with several supporting technologies to help solve other critical public health problems, including:


Prices and Shipping


Humanitarian* Retail
60 Liter InStove $850 $850
100 Liter InStove $995 $995

*Please contact us directly for humanitarian orders, bulk orders, and all shipments outside the US and Canada. Discounts may be available.



For shipping rate and delivery time information:

  • See our shipping zone map for retail orders within the contiguous United States.
  • Retail shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are provided at the time of purchase, or contact us for current rates.
  • Please call or email us for humanitarian, bulk, and international shipping information.


How to Make a Purchase

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