Safe Drinking Water

Preventable, water-borne diseases remain a major health problem worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that collectively, these diseases kill 1.8 million children annually, mostly in the developing world. For the past four years, Damon Ogle, InStove's co-founder and head of engineering, has been working on a solution. Thanks to his dedication, InStove is proud to announce the creation of water pasteurizers that works with InStove's 60 Liter and 100 Liter stoves.

InStove's gravity-fed pasteurizer destroys microorganisms by heating water to the pasteurization temperature of 71ºC, and then releasing treated water through a heat sensitive valve that stops cooler, un-pasteurized water from exiting the system. The unit can be used on its own or in rotation with the pot for cooking meals.

Ongoing testing and development in partnership with Oregon State University is underway, with plans to enter field trials in the summer of 2017.

It is our conviction that this world-changing technology should be available to the poorest of the poor, especially those displaced by man-made or natural disasters. We envision a future in which one 100 Liter Stove with an InStove pasteurizer will produce enough clean water for a village or displaced community at minimal cost to the inhabitants and the environment.



Damon Ogle and Dale Andreatta describe the system in this video